Our Workshops


The Center of Inquiry hosts two assessment workshops each year, one in the fall and one in the spring. We design our workshops to serve as a retreat, a time and space for people to step back from the get-it-done-now pace of everyday work and to reflect on, think about, and create assessment plans in the company of supportive colleagues.

What makes our workshops unique?

Our workshops are different from many other assessment conferences and workshops in that we don't focus on tools, measures, or methods. For us, the most important step in using evidence to improve student learning is to help you figure out what will work within your institution’s unique culture, values, and structures. Because every institution is different, the approach has to be different for every college or university—there is no standardized approach.

During each workshop, Teagle Assessment Scholars and Center of Inquiry staff provide support and guidance, working directly with you to help you develop and sharpen your assessment plans and programs. We also provide opportunities for you to share your plans and get feedback from one another. 

The Teagle Assessment workshops at the Center of Inquiry have been immensely valuable in helping me to help my institution move forward with our assessment processes. With the guidance and framework provided to me by the Teagle Assessment Scholars and staff at the Center of Inquiry, my institution was able to design a comprehensive and sustainable assessment plan for our General Education program with a focus on the most important part: providing faculty support for “closing the loop” to improve student learning. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend attending these workshops as a resource toward creating sustainable and effective assessment frameworks for improving student learning. It’s extremely productive to go away and focus on one goal, all the while having the support of a team of experts providing feedback and guiding your way.

Cindy Crimmins
Center for Teaching & Learning Director
York College of Pennsylvania



Past workshops

March 10–12, 2016
Students Engaging Students to Improve Learning: Using Student-Led Focus Groups to Gather and Make Sense of Assessment Evidence

October 23–25, 2015
Making Assessment Work for You and Your Students