Teaching Quality Survey: Participate at No Cost


In the fall of 2017, the Center of Inquiry at Wabash College will offer a survey of teaching quality at no cost to a small number of community colleges and special mission institutions that serve students who have, traditionally, been underserved by postsecondary education.

The Teaching Quality Survey is based on the Center of Inquiry’s work on the Wabash National Study, one of the most comprehensive longitudinal studies of the practices and conditions that promote postsecondary student learning. Through our work on this study, we had the opportunity to test and validate a number of measures of in- and out-of-classroom good practices and student growth.

To honor the many faculty, staff, administrators, and students who supported the Wabash National Study we would like to administer the survey, at no cost, to 10–15 institutions consisting of historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), or two- or four-year institutions that serve a high proportion of students with significant financial need.

Please note, we are not collecting data from this survey for research. Our goal is simply to provide institutions that serve students from less affluent backgrounds with information that can be used to improve the quality of teaching and learning. If institutions find the survey to be valuable, they are welcome to continue administering it, on their own, to their students at no cost.

About the Survey

The Teaching Quality Survey asks students about four important components of high-quality teaching:

  • Quality of Nonclassroom Interactions with Faculty
  • Faculty Interest in Teaching and Student Development
  • Prompt Feedback
  • Instructional Clarity and Organization

The Teaching Quality Survey takes approximately 5–10 minutes to complete and can be administered to students in any class year. There are two versions of the survey, one for two-year institutions and one for four-year institutions.

The Teaching Quality Survey is designed to help institutions identify (a) strengths and weaknesses in the teaching that their students experience and (b) useful areas on which to focus professional development activities for faculty and staff.

This survey is based on extensive research from the Wabash National Study on in- and out-of-classroom teaching practices that have a broad impact on students’ development and intellectual growth, including promoting critical thinking, an interest in engaging intellectually difficult questions, moral reasoning, academic motivation, retention, grades, and an interest in diversity. We recently published an article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning about the importance of one of the components measured by the Teaching Quality Survey - instructional clarity and organization.

Join the Project or Request More Information

If your institution is interested in participating in this project or if you would like more information about the Teaching Quality Survey, please contact Charlie Blaich or Kathy Wise.

Survey Timing

We will administer the survey between October 15–December 15, 2017. You may choose any 3–6 week survey administration period within this timeframe.

Administration Method

We will administer this survey via the commercial survey engine Qualtrics. A member of the Center staff will send your students an email invitation with a link to the survey. If students do not complete the survey, we will send reminders via email. You may customize both the invitation and the reminders.

Survey Liaison

To ensure a smooth administration process, you will need to designate one individual from your institution to serve as the survey liaison and coordinate the survey process. We will direct all communication to the survey liaison, and the survey liaison will be responsible for contacting other people on her or his campus about the survey as necessary. The survey liaison will also need to send us an Excel file with students’ first names, last names, and email addresses so we can send out invitation and reminder emails.

IRB Approval

The Teaching Quality Survey has been approved by the Wabash College Institutional Review Board (IRB) as a voluntary survey. We encourage your institution’s survey liaison to contact the IRB at your institution to determine whether their approval is needed prior to administering the survey.


All participating institutions will receive a data file in Excel or SPSS with their students' responses, a code book, and a short summary report with comparison data on individual questions and scales. In addition, a staff member from the Center of Inquiry or a Teagle Assessment Scholar will hold conference calls with participating institutions to help them interpret data from the survey.