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We deeply appreciate our colleagues’ enthusiasm and hard work in helping us begin the next round of the Wabash National Study. Over the past few weeks, we have heard a number of excellent suggestions for resources and tools for supporting the implementation of the study. What follows is our rendition of that list. Please let us know if we heard things correctly or if you have any ideas that you’d like to add.

Suggestions for resources and tools:

  1. A listserv so that people from study institutions can ask questions of and share best practices with each other. (We’ve sent a request to the Wabash IT department to set this up.)
  2. An RSS feed from this webpage to notify people of updates. (We’ve sent a request to the Wabash IT department to set this up.)
  3. A webpage listing research articles on the instruments that we are using in the study.
  4. A webpage with copies of reports, research papers, and presentations from the study.
  5. Sample reports and templates for disseminating study data.
  6. Information on best practices in recruiting and retaining students in the study, communicating study results to different groups at your institution, and using study data to foster institutional changes.
  7. Announcements about upcoming workshops and conferences for study institutions.
  8. A mechanism for suggesting workshop and conference topics.

Finally, we have two questions that we would appreciate your help with:

  1. Who from your institution would like to be a member of the Wabash National Study institutional listserv? We would like at least one person per institution to join, but you are welcome to select more than one person from your institution as a member of the listserv.
  2. When we send back data from the first year, would you like to receive both printed and electronic binders or would an electronic file (a PDF version of the binder) be sufficient?

We will post information on how people are responding to the second question.

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