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NSSE registration deadline tomorrow

We know that many of you are planning to sign up for NSSE in addition to your participation in the Wabash National Study. During our orientation meeting, we handed out a document describing the ins and outs of this process (click here to see this document). Remember, regardless of whether you sign up for NSSE, your students will take NSSE when they sit for the Wabash National Study spring administration. The benefit of fully participating in NSSE is threefold. First, the Wabash Study does not capture this year's seniors, and NSSE does. Second, you can administer NSSE to any first-year students who did not participate in the Wabash Study. Third, you will get the full range of NSSE reports with institutional comparisons and information about NSSE benchmarks, which you will not get if you don't sign up for NSSE. These NSSE reports will include NSSE scores for all your Wabash Study students in addition to any other students who take NSSE independent of the Wabash Study.

If you decide not to register for NSSE and only administer NSSE as part of the Wabash Study, we will send you data tables with response frequencies for individual NSSE items as well as item level NSSE data in an SPSS file.

The deadline for NSSE registration is tomorrow, September 18th. You can register online from NSSE's website.

We will report on some of our research on the extent to which NSSE benchmarks and scales predict growth on our outcomes in the next month or so.

--CB and KW